Modern Reusables

Let's work together to make more comfortable, hilarious, cute and even beautiful Cloth Menstrual Pads. Period products that are fit for purpose. Follow the link below to view our Sewing Patterns or go to Blog to find out more.

ECO Sewing

Designed to suit you

I have been creating and perfecting my designs since 2012, each pattern has been tested by a trusted group of seamstresses not only for ease of sewing but also for fit and functionality. I'm always open to improving and happy to hear your concerns and suggestions. You can also have a pattern designed only for you a true perfect fit, the goldilocks pad... 



Save the Oceans

Sew fun and unusual makeup remover wipes, reusable, co friendly option that will save our oceans from unnecessary waste. Designed in different shapes the wipes are perfect as a gift to get someone started with reusable products. LETS START AN ECO SEWING REVOLUTION!