Crystal the Diamond shape wallet Free tutorial and pattern

If you follow my Facebook group Stargazing Seamstress you might already have the copy of this months free pattern that is Diamond shaped wallet. The pattern is a nice size to use as a coin purse/ receipt wallet as well as a handy little pad wrapper.

Follow the links in this tutorial to get your free pattern copy. this is a great pad wrapper tutorial for storing your cloth pads on the go in your handbag pocket anywhere!


This will be a basic tutorial for the diamond bag. Over following weeks I will post tutorials for other ways you can sew the bag to achieve different results.

For a basic pad wrapper with waterproof lining you will need to cut following:

cut the fabric from the pattern that include seam allowance (thick gray line)

1 x main body in outer fabric (best to cut cotton woven or like I have here velour if you planning to add the HTV (heat transfer vinyl) decoration.

1 x main body in lining (this will be the waterproof PUL)

1x fold over top in lining (PUL)

1x fold over bottom in lining (PUL)

1x pocket in outer fabric

  1. Apply the artwork HTV if using to the right side of outer fabric piece.

  2. Prep the cut pieces by finishing all raw straight edges of fold over top lining, fold over bottom lining and pocket outer fabric. You can serge the straight edge then top stitch or trim seam allowance with pinking shears then fold to the wrong side and top stitch or make double fold hem (fold over by 0.5cm press then fold over again by 0.5cm press and top stitch)

  3. Match the bottom curves and pin together main body lining and fold over bottom lining. Shiny side of PUL together.

  4. Lay the fold over top lining on top of existing pieces matching the top curves (the opposite side than you have placed the fold over bottom on) pin (shiny side of PUL together)

  5. Place the pocket on top of the fold over top lining matching same curves as in step 3. Pin wrong side of the pocket to woven side- the non shiny side of the lining front)

  6. You can now baste stitch everything together or carefully place the main body outer fabric right side to non shiny side of lining front – this is where all pockets and fold over flap is.

  7. Sew along the outer seam using 1cm seam allowance, you will need to leave a small turning hole at one of the straight edges for this style of bag.

  8. Trim the seam allowance and turn the bag inside out thru the turning hole.

  9. Tuck in the turning hole and top stitch along the whole perimeter.

  10. Apply the snaps inside the bag on the pocket edge and corresponding edge on the fold over bottom.

This bag is now finished and features double storage for wet items with a single pocket for dry.

With mine I have gone all fancy and applied a gold chain with a key ring over the fold of the bag. You can also tie or stitch a length of ribbon to fit.

This simple instructions will be updated in due course with clear pictures to explain this steps better. Tune in next week for another sewing option of this bag and new size pattern xx until then

Happy sewing everyone xx

Shelly wetbag tutorial by stargazing seamstress-03.jpg


Stargazing Seamstress

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