Dollhouse Collection pattern release

If you do follow my Facebook group Stargazing Seamstress you will know that we have been working hard for a while now to bring to you the most amazing cloth pad pattern bundle yet! It is mash-able, flexible, comfortable plenty sizes for all your needs and it comes with fully compatible exclusive fabric prints! Let me explain it further here:

Mix and match design: Each and every pattern from this collection is optimised to fit together smoothly. There will be 7 original cloth pad shapes all of which can be found in my Etsy store Here

Wat a full tutorial on Spoonflower fabric and how to sew the doll cloth pad on my YouTube channel

Mother of Dragons (my favourite GOT inspired cloth pad pattern that makes an amazing pad paired with one of Danny prints from Spoonflower)

Cersei (the name says it all for the fans of GOT a real treat paired with our exclusive print! but also a nice round shape that will be easy to sew)

Evil Queen (She is very pointy/ spiky lady, very fierce looking cloth pad) Paired with a linear zentangle fabric print she makes a perfect villan to your story!

Good Queen (she has more rounded face due to curly locks of hair profile, a nice crown adorns her head and a beautiful full gown covers her body, making her a great back bleeder with full wide back coverage)

Gnome (designed to keep our snow white princess company gnome shape is neat curvy little thing with straight back coverage)

Mermaid (one of my original patterns when the cloth pad doll idea sparked in my shop well over a year and a half ago, a bit of a back story first of those pads were made with freehand embroidered facial features, sea shells details and patchwork topper for hair and tail)

Here is one of my first ones:

Of course now they are available in a beautifully printed fabric topper thru my spoonflower shop and will look more like this: