Easter Bunny Cloth Pad Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

We had some fun at Stargazing Seamstress Facebook Group over Easter holidays. I like to Design fun unexpected things into ordinary items. This time it was an Easter bunny theme. I had taken my trusted 10 inch curvy cloth menstrual pad pattern and started drafting. You can find necessary patterns to complete this tutorial in my FB grup files, simply join my group and follow this links for:


***Please note that those are free patterns, do not redistribute, copy or sell! Do not share the files! All free patterns are basic and do not include same level of details as our paid for patterns.

You will need a rough cut of a topper material I used pink cotton lycra then a same size cut for the base of floating core (this can be a thin cotton woven, I’ve used a muslin fabric) and a same size backing fabric I used pink polar fleece.

Cut your core, and sew it on top of the larger floating core base. Make sure its centered, draw the bunny shape with a washable marker, straight on to the material. Here I’ve drawn the pattern shape on the topper material but you can do it on the base of the core to make everything quicker and easier.

Pin the floating core with a base to the topper. I have applied few simple bunny shapes and made a freehand embroidered eyes and a nose.

When that is in place, pin everything to the backer right sides together and sew along the marker line. You can skip the added features embroidery and pin all the fabrics together right away.

Trim excess fabric. Clip corners and turn the pad inside out. Use chopsticks or a knitting needle to poke all difficult shapes out, press everything down carefully, do it by placing your iron down straight not moving it back and front.

Make sure to tuck in the opening hole seamallowace and topstitch all around the pad. Add snaps and enjoy your hoppy bunny xx please share your pictures

Yours, Stargazing Seamstress

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