Holiday Games for the Kids

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Printable family game that is fun and fast to make and play. Perfect for when you are looking for something to do indoors with your family during holiday season!

Christmas is a wonderful time to reconnect with your family, and what isn't best at helping to do just that if not a board game!

Print and assemble with Ease

This printable family game is easy to print at home, you can use a standard paper (glue it to a cardboard after) or a sturdy card if is compatible with your printer. Designed to a standard A4 page size

Download the game from the link below. It is best to print on cardstock/ cartridge paper or watercolor type of paper that is thicker than a standard printer paper. However if not available you can use a printer paper and assemble the spinner with some thicker paper stuck to it to give it better support. There will be an extra printable dice available to use instead of a spinner (please see second file). You can cut the baubles easily in square shapes as shown above or take a little time by cutting them as circles. The decoration and the tree doesn't need any extra support and can be printed on standard printer paper.

Play smart

The rules of this game are simple. Choose your favorite colour of the decorations, spin the spinner to see which colour goes first and start your turn. Spin again to see which type of decoration you are allow to put on the tree. The game will be easy to begin with, however later comes the tricky part.

Don't get caught out by keeping one type of decoration till the end, watch out for the '?'

You have probably noticed that there are 5 types of decorations and the spinner only shows 4 of them. Yes there is a catch and if you play smart you will be on to the winner! Make sure that when your spinning turn lands on '?' you get the 'strawberry' shaped decoration out first.





Always remember it is all good fun weather you win or loose!

You can also play a twist of the game where you play to take down the decorations and whoever takes down most decoration wins!

Have fun and see you until the next game!

You can watch how we have played it below.

Don't forget to download your printable copy!

Download PDF • 958KB

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