How to sew wetbag, snack bag. Tutorial for Spoonflower printed castle bag. Featured: Heat seal PUL t

FQ of custom printed cotton Ultra or Kona cotton from here:

12″x8.5″ regular PUL or Food safe PUL, you can also use any water proof fabric instead, like rip stop oil cloth etc if you don’t need your bag to be water tight you can use regular cotton woven instead.

minimum 9inch zipper, regular close end one, I prefer to use an 11inch to get nicer finish.

Get all the fabric pieces cut out.

Fold the pink strap in half longest edges together;

to make openable strap leave one shorter edge open, clip corners turn and top stitch,

the strap can be also done as a loop so no need for snap to open the hanging loop. Sew together longest seams and leave the two short seams open, turn and top stitch.

Match the middle of one side of the zipper tape to the middle mark on the fabric sew with a zipper foot.

Repeat on the other side.

Now the zipper is inserted you can add pul or other material to line the bag with.

Lay pul down shiny side toward wrong side of the fabric match the top zipper seam.

Sew from the fabric side following your first line of stitches.

Top stitch: flip pul up to be on the same side as castle shape then making sure everything is nice and smooth (you can press it a little) top stitch from the right side of fabric. Zipper will be in between pul and fabric and you will be top stitching both main fabric and pul

Repeat on the other side of zipper seam.

Sew shut side seams of the pul. (I recommend using thin ballpoint needle in you sewing machine to sew PUL, no bigger than the size of 75(11)) First smooth down the pul lining pin and sew 1cm from the edge repeat on the other side.

Add a hanging strap at the top.

Bring the long front piece up then down again creating fold 1.5inch from the zipper (this is a pocket for dry pads).

You can pin or baste that down before next step.

Bring the front piece up again to match the castle shape front with the back zipper piece.

Sew sides only from zipper down, make sure to keep pul lining away

You can waterproof your PUL lining using this technique.

To heat seal PUL

Set your iron on high, make sure to only iron a small part of seam allowance do not iron past the stitches. make sure the shiny side of PUL is not touching your iron, can use pressing cloth.

You are melting the PUL on the seam allowance making it water tight. But not melting the whole fabric, just until the shiny sides stick together.

Turn the wetbag thru the turning hole at the bottom, poke all the shapes out using chopstick or something long and with blunt end. Press and top stitch the top castle shape.

add snaps on the hanging strap

Sew shut the turning hole.

Let me know how you get on with this projects and show your creations over at:

Insert the snap thru the turning hole.

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