How to sew wetbag, snack bag. Tutorial for Spoonflower printed castle bag. Featured: Heat seal PUL t

FQ of custom printed cotton Ultra or Kona cotton from here:

12″x8.5″ regular PUL or Food safe PUL, you can also use any water proof fabric instead, like rip stop oil cloth etc if you don’t need your bag to be water tight you can use regular cotton woven instead.

minimum 9inch zipper, regular close end one, I prefer to use an 11inch to get nicer finish.

Get all the fabric pieces cut out.

Fold the pink strap in half longest edges together;

to make openable strap leave one shorter edge open, clip corners turn and top stitch,

the strap can be also done as a loop so no need for snap to open the hanging loop. Sew together longest seams and leave the two short seams open, turn and top stitch.

Match the middle of one side of the zipper tape to the middle mark on the fabric sew with a zipper foot.

Repeat on the other side.