Mantaray pattern Release the staple cloth pad pattern

Hi everyone as usual after many months of quiet time, we are full of activity at Stargazing Seamstress! The bees are buzzing and I’m hard at work finishing the Mantaray pattern. I have been plotting adjusting and basically stuck at it for over 3 months! And now I feel is time to let it out for you to enjoy the simplicity of its curves, the versatility of length and more importantly the perfect width for YOU!

Mantaray pattern

Cloth pad pattern easy for serging! If you are beginning to serge I believe you will find most of this pattern’s soft curves easy to deal with, also a trick of halves will make the serging job run smooth. As seen on pictures below, the exposed core have been serged in 2 steps, first from top corner all around the bottom part and up then across the top giving you a neat finish. Another trick is added on the wings you can start from the point on one wing and serge top part of the pad, then start again and do bottom, there will be less to unpick if you make a mistake!

Cloth pad pattern suitable for any flow pattern. Here at Stargazing Seramstress we are obsessed in creating patterns that go with the flow 😉 hehe Many of our patterns are made to help control the flow like my original Gushy texture pattern or Shelly with guards as well as the free tutorial for the lovely textured heart (join my FB group to learn more) this cloth pad pattern is made to fit with your flow pattern. What I mean here is if you are a back bleeder you can choose pattern pieces to suit you like a short front and long flared back. If you are front bleeder choose short back and longer front.

One special thing I have added in this pattern is in the core, there is an extra pattern piece for central bleeders, if you find yourself menstruating in the centre of the pad more then you need an extra boost in this area to stop flow spreading and soaking the whole wings.

Two snap settings gives you a wiggle room when it comes to fit. I have made the pads in snapped width of

Narrow (teen, tween) 2-2.25inch

standard 2.5-2.75inch

and wide 3 inch + great for boy shorts or wide gussets. Check out our crotch/gusset guide in another blog post here.

You will be able to purchase halves of the pattern showing you measurement of that half. With only one half pattern you will be able to make a full symmetric pad! A handy tutorial booklet is included with every single pattern! Tutorial covers fabrics, sewing techniques and more!

The pattern pieces are clearly marked with front and back this is mainly for perfect placement in underwear. As this pattern is made to be suitable for period underwear application. So if you are planning on making a pair of period undies and not sure what pattern to choose go with mantaray as it is designed to fit in your favourite pair of undies flawlessly!

That will be it from me about this pattern for now! Hope you will enjoy the features I carefully included in this cloth pad pattern. Please join our private FB group to share pictures of your finished pads and join in the conversation and troubleshooting!

Also first person sharing picture of their finished pad in the group will receive their next pattern free! And next 10 people will get % off their next purchase!

Happy Sewing

Stargazing Seamstress xx

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