Sewing practice sheets Festive sewing freebie for beginners and advanced seamstresses


Are you or your little one getting a new sewing equipment this Christmas? This time of year is big on sewing and it is no surprise as sewing is fabulous hobby and a great skill to have!

Owning your first sewing machine can be a bit overwhelming at first, figuring out how it works and handling sewing fabrics together can be sometimes too much, no wonder many beginners never touch their new machines for first few months! But do not be afraid! Take it slow Join our sewing community and you can be on your way to master your new toy!

This two little beauties will soon belong to my two children and I’m extremely excited about that! They both have been watching me sew since they were born, they used to sit on my lap and help out with different buttons on the sewing machine (many times changing my stitch settings). Let me tell you a bit about what we have here the bigger machine on the left is my old full size brother and on right is this cute mini sewing machine with bag full of functions! It is from The great British sewing


link. It features stop and start button, straight stitch only! Speed control, pedal foot control, it powers thru mains as well as batteries if required. My favourite part is the fully enclosed needle guard casing! Perfect to protect little fingers from getting hurt!

I have tested it and it does stitch fabric fairly well, hope that continues. Anyhow it will be great machine to get your child started on this special sewing practice sheets!

I have designed a set of sewing practice sheets to help my little sewing buddies and you too with following sewing lines and manoeuvring fabric.

After you have downloaded your file and printed on copy paper or a card ( they do make cute festive paper decoration), trim top and bottom of the page, this way the sewing practice sheet will be easier ho handle and turn under the machine.


If you have any old blunt needles use those for the practice sheets, the paper will make your new needles not suitable for sewing on fabric any more. Do not thread your sewing machine for now, sew few practice round without a thread, take out the bobbin thread also and let the needle pierce the paper without thread.

Follow the lines on printed sheets as you would have normally do when sewing fabric.

After you or your little one get more confident why not load the sewing machine with thread. Threat the top and place in bobin. Put sewing practice sheet under the sewing machine foot, put the foot down and follow the lines. Make a colourful cards with thread and different stitches and shape lines.

  1. Beginner straight lines

  2. Beginner straight and Deco lines

  3. Beginner Deco lines different sizes

  4. Intermediate up and down squares

  5. Intermediate up and down triangles

  6. Intermediate zigzag

  7. Advanced wavy

  8. Advanced hills

  9. Advanced free motion embroidery spirals

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