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For a long while I wasn't feeling myself creatively, and went on to discovering different forms artistry. Ending back where I have started with Stargazing Seamstress but full of new ideas and energy!

This year I wish to participate in at least 1 Spoonflower design challenge every month, I would love to do all monthly challenges but it might be a step too far causing me to burn out again! I want to keep my creative pursuits varied but complementing each other through.

Let me tell you a little about Spoonflower a fabric printing company with a community of designers and makers. It isn't the only fabric printer out there but they have such a unique and vibrant approach to their business that you cannot help but love them!

I have been using spoonflower for many years now and I do like their fabrics, some printers might have much better cottons, and knits but are not as easy to use and don't have same choices of patterns as spoonflower. Designers on spoonflower also do get a decent percentage from sale of their designs.

Usually to have your designs for sale on Spoonflower you have to print proofs to check if the design is repeating correctly and the colors are as you intended. However Spoonflower came up with an awesome idea to engage designers, running monthly challenges. Winners and first several top places have their designs approved automatically! Which is so great! Themes are always on trend making designers work to be fresh and current.

Last of the January Challenge Theme will be Yellow and Gray.

Announcing February's Design Challenge Themes | Spoonflower Blog

'Have you heard the news? Pantone’s 2021 color of the year is a gray and yellow color combo that together symbolizes strength and positivity. Although specific shades of both colors were announced (Ultimate Gray and Illuminating), we’d like to see what particular shades of yellow and gray most resonate with the Spoonflower community. Experiment to find just the right yellow to support and complement your shade of gray and utilize black and/or white as you see fit to make the perfect pattern to create uplifting updates for the home, wardrobe and more this year!'


When brainstorming for this challenge, I really wanted to design a big cats pattern. some of my rough sketches can confirm that. I jotted down few quick ideas and a flow I might want the pattern to go as well as indicated the colors what they might feature and technique I think of using.

I want the shapes to be more organic, and hand drawn not clean cut vectors. Perhaps ink pens and watercolor shapes will help me achieve the pattern I have in mind.

Big cats research

'I begun researching big cats silhouettes and surroundings for my design'


Some early sketches

'I utilized some of the sketches in my final design by making vector shapes in Illustrator.'


Final design

'I have decided to use more complex layout for the background and keep the foreground simple. I love the flow of the floral elements with leopard spots and tossed flowers. I'm sure to add some complementing designs in the future'

You can vote now for my design from 28th February over at Spoonflower.

Yellow and Gray Designs | Spoonflower Design Challenge

What would you make?

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