The Year of the OxDesign Challenge

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I'm participating this week in another spoonflower designer challenge, the year of ox and here is the overview...

This February we will close out the Year of the Rat and begin to celebrate the Year of the Ox. The Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, marks the second new moon after the winter solstice.

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the ox are typically hard-working, intelligent and reliable like their creature counterpart. Let’s honor 2021’s symbol with repeating designs depicting this mighty and docile animal.

Year of the Ox Designs | Spoonflower Design Challenge

I had few cute ideas, my first one was to make a pattern with ox head only and a floral crown. However since floral crown has been done so many times on animals I left that idea for another time.

Then I doodled a cutesy Ferdinand like (you know the Disney movie Ferdinand about gentle bull) yeah so the cute Ferdinand ox appeared on my page, and I continued doodling....

This time I went for very simplistic shapes, abstract like forms and used my lovely sets of highlighters to add more form and boldness to the lines.

I wanted to develop this idea further so did some experimenting on Ipad pro thinking I will take the design to illustrator later and make some vector shapes. However I was now running out of time before the contest deadline, so in the end made a mock square repeat on my ipad and exported the design to photoshop in order to create final repeat.

While working in procreate I decided to throw in an interesting cloud like background and some sparkles and mini element as fillers.

All in all I think my design turned out positive I like the flow especially, enjoyed building the seamless repeat the 'old fashion' way!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my process and please vote in the next #spoonflowerchallenge

Year of the Ox Designs | Spoonflower Design Challenge

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