Welcome to Stargazing Seamstress Home of Crazy ideas and extraordinary products

Welcome to Stargazing Seamstress blog.

Please excuse my writing I’m super new to blogging and English isn’t my first language! I really hope you will enjoy many Ideas I will try to share with you! Why Stargazing Seamstress?

Well Stargazing Seamstress describes myself perfectly. This is what I do, what keeps me grounded, late night sewing at my machines. While everyone in the house is sleeping I’m gazing at the moon and the stars and dream of new patterns, prints and products. My mind never sleeps it’s always on to the next idea a next project. That’s why I need this blog to channel all that energy, all that thinking into a creative resource for crafty individuals. If you are handy with a needle and a thread, know your way around a sewing machine, are eco conscious or curious at least you should enjoy what I’m about to share with you on here.

Many of my sewing patterns will be geared toward reusable products. Making switch from disposable lifestyle to eco conscious one with a luxury, quirky twist.

Hopefully if time allows I will also be sharing some of my selfish sewing projects, pattern alterations and hacks.

I do not make a promise how often I will manage to post as life is very funny sometimes and makes it impossible to do things the way you want to do them!

I won’t bore you anymore this short intro should be enough for now. I believe you will get to know me better in future posts and I will get a chance to get to know you to xxx

Please share your experiments with ideas you see here in my pattern group on Facebook, on demand sewing support available xx https://www.facebook.com/groups/116154832157140/

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