What size of cloth pad to choose?

What size of cloth pad to choose? There are so many sizes and types it can make your head spin and it can be very overwhelming when you start your reusable menstrual products journey. How can you determine that the pad you have chosen will be right fit for you? Best way is not to purchase your whole cloth pad stash in one shape and size and try few different types, absorbencies and fabrics. This way you will see what you like best and what is most comfortable for YOU!

Here at Stargazing Seamstress I’m determined to provide you products that will fit in standard shape underwear. All patterns and products are based on most popular shape of underwear and are digitally drafted to follow all crucial shapes and curves of undergarments making them designed to fit. Thru crucial stages of product testing we eliminate all the fit errors. If you purchase a cloth pad pattern from us you can be sure that it was put thru the sew and fit test. Many of my novelty shapes are fun but also functional following fit outlined above.

Now for the important part what size should you choose? Well you will need to get close and inspect your underwear to get the right fit! Pick up a pair that is comfortable but well fitting. Print out our handy Cloth pad size checker and cut the coloured rectangle.

* Place the template over the crotch liner of  your underwear the way shown on the graph. * Fold on a width line that matches your underwear. * If your undies have wide bands start measuring at mid point to mid point of the band and choose a pad with bigger wing span and adjustable snap setting, this will help you get a secure fit for your underwear and minimise wing drop (fault when wings are too long for the snapped width and drop down considerably, making a pad uncomfortable to wear and adding to the issue of twisting and flipping under) * If you underwear has narrow bands or no bands choose pads that are more fitted with a shorter wing span.

cloth pads size checker by stargazing seamstress-01

If you have any questions you can always leave a comment on here and I will get back to you ASAP.

The cloth pad size checker length is usual liner length of 6inch.

It is good to have a selection of lengths for different situations, a liner 6-8 inch for last days of your period and every day discharge.

a day pad 9-11 inch comfortable length for everyday activities

a night pad 11-14 inch full protection for overnight

Make sure to choose right absorbency for your flow it ranges from light to very heavy.

If you are looking for specific flow pad or pattern there are choices of front, back and centre bleeders. Here at Stargazing Seamstress I specialise in heavy gushy flow cloth pads that help with the fear of sudden gushy moments sliding off your pad.

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