Classic battle ship game with a space twist. 


The game grids were pre filled to help younger players get the hand of the game quicker. You will receive 5 sets with one board you can set up yourself.


You can print the game as many time as you would like, but please do not share or copy any graphics/ artworks. You can share our page with your friends so they can too download the game and play! 


The aim of the game


First player to blast off opponent’s rocket wins.
Set the asteroid on the path to destroy the opponent’s rocket by giving out coordinates on your turn.
For example C5, your opponent will say whether you have hit or missed.


You need to record your turn on the top grid to keep track of where you have shot. Mark hits with an ‘X’ and misses with ‘O’.

Once a ship is sunk you need to announce it to the other player.


Great for birthday parties or for a rainy day when you are stuck inside. You can take the game for a roadtrip too and play in the car or a train! Hope you will have fun and don't forget to share on facebook and instagram @stargazingseamstress

3,2,1... BLASTOFF! Battle space ship game, printable boardgame

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